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Patient Results

  • “This place is great! Lots of one on one care which I really needed and the latest in equipment and methods. I changed from one of the bigger companies where I was beginning to feel like just a number to Springfield PT and have never looked back. I feel so much better and know finally that I am in good hands.”




  • “Received a well rounded and thorough evaluation examine. I now have the confidence I can turn my current painful situation around. If you don’t know proper exercises and things you should and not do, it can make matters worse. Save money learn what’s really going on instead of quick, short term fixes like: chiro, deep tissue massage, acupuncture which have there place and I enjoy but without PT unable to move forward.”

  • The staff and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I have felt a true, personal connection with my therapist Traci Haas. Each visit she really listened to my issues and tailored my sessions to my individual needs. Her professional knowledge, caring attitude and positive encouragement definitely contributed to me reaching my goals. This is the only place I will visit for future visits. I highly recommend them for excellent care and commitment to improving your well-being.


  • Yes- amazing, personalized service and very convenient.


  • I am completely satisfied with my PT. Traci is both kind and gentle. She truly knows interest in your area of pain and does all she can to help you. I would recommend Traci and her business highly. My experience here has been GREAT!


  • Yes, the therapy was effective and Traci was very responsive and knowledgeable! The combination of exercise and therapy had a synergetic effect. The Traction and Graston Technique seemed to work quite well. Thanks for all your help.

  • Yes! Working with Traci has been great- I really enjoy the personal attention and patience. It is a very comfortable atmosphere and the therapy goes by quickly and efficiently.


  • I received individual attention and never had to wait– always taken back right on time.


  • Yes because of the personal attention and care given. In addition, they work with your schedule and have been very flexible. Most of all, the improvement in my ROM and decrease in pain due to each therapy session!


  • Yes, very accommodating. I love the one on one attention. You do not get this quality of care at other facilities.


  • Definitely! It was a positive and nurturing environment and experience. I really felt as if Traci truly cared about me and my rehab. The work was hard yet doable- I felt as though I could accomplish my rehab goals.”